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Happy Birthday to Mayflower who turned 9 today!!
She is still having a great time and does what ever she feels like. 😂💕


What a day…..

We went to the Martinidogshow in Groningen. We brought GE Havana who was rewarded with the resCC, Gartlove Ghleann Ginny who was rewarded with a youth CC and from now on may call herself Dutch Junior Champion and GE Sherlock who won the CC and was BOB.

Later in the ring of honour he won the group and if that was not enough he also was BEST IN SHOW.

As you can imagine we are extremely proud and super happy!


So about last weekend… we had a fantastic first show on Saturday.
GE Havana was BestBitch CC, Sherlock and Ginny both got reserve CC!!
Special thanks to judge John Wauben and to Ron Baltus for this great picture!


Sherlock got invited to the ‘Hond van het Jaar Show’ today.
No wins, but he did fantastic and looked stunning!


Wolfhound of The Year 2019

Special Yought Match winner  Gaeltarra Eireann Galen Owned Denise Pateman
L-R Handler Rebecca Peek with the judges Kathy Goodhall, Ben Reynolds-Frost and Dagmar Kenis Portham.                 


Havana got Best Bitch at the show in Maastricht!!


What a great day at Koln! Gartlove GalenGroot got Jüngsten BOB and Second Best in Show!!!Gartlove Ghleann Ginny got Jüngsten BOS! Great thanks to judge Daniel Foran!


Windhonden CAC show in Heteren, Sherlock got BOB and Havana got a Res. CC!


GE Havana won her class en was resCC, Gartlove Ghleann Gigi was second in her class after her sis Ginny who was youngster BOB and later on youngster BIS. We are very proud and happy. Thanks to judges Wim Wiersma, Hetty van der Lee-Grevelt & Andrej Kerpan


Gaeltarra Eireann Channing is nu Duits kampioen!!


Ierdie clubmatch 2019 Gaeltarra Eireann Sherlock 1U CAC, Clubwinnaar 2019, BOB & BIS Ierdie judge Pauric Hand (IE)


Yet another great day! Havana first in class, Raff CC and BOS, Sherlock youthBOB AND BIS!!


We had two days of show. Havana won a Youth CC and the res CC, Raff a CACIB and Sherlock won 2 youth CC’s a res CC and was 2 times 3th best junior in show!! We are very proud that he is now Dutch Junior Champion. Thanks to Andre van den Broek, Wim Wellens, Peter Friedrich Berchtold Roel van Veen-Keur.


Sherlock won his class, received the youth CC and was res best male. Raff won her class, received the CC and was res best bitch. Havana won her class, received the youth CC, went on to best bitch and BOB and later on BEST IN SHOW!!
Many thanks to the judges: Jürgen Rösner-Papenfuss (breed) & Ingrid Krah-Heiermann (BIS)


Gaeltarra Eireann Galen got Best AVNSC at Guildford Show. He’s 14  months on this picture.


Stunning picture of Havana at the Winner. Thanks Ron Baltus!
Havana was Youth Winster 2018 and got Res. CAC. Sherlock was Youth Winner 2018 


Had a great day at the clubshow in Belgium with super results!  GE Voyager and GE Mr. Ray both got an Excellent, GE Sherlock got 4Excellent, GE Havana 2Excellent and GE Raff 1Excellent, CAC and BOS!   BIS : Phoenix From Graham’s Ark

With a total of 71 entries!Judge : mrs. Jana Műllerová

20-10-2018 Gaeltarra Eireann Voyager became Saterday Belgian Junior Champion in Kortrijk!
Thanks to judge Pettersson C (S)


La Louviere
Gaeltarra Eireann Voyager became Best young dog in Breed.
Thanks to judge Fr. Vandenbussche

26-08-2018  Looking back at a great sunny day in Münster last sunday!
Sherlock won his class, McGyver was third in his class, Raff won her class and was awarded best bitch, Havana won her class, was awarded as best young dog in breed & topping that she was reserve best youngster in show!! 

26-08-2018  Gaeltarra Eireann Voyager BOB jeugd in Mechelen!

Thanks to judge Audrie Benoit (BE)


Golden Medaille Show Polleur 2018 – KBWC

Judge : I. Krah – Heiermann ( D)
Puppy Class : Gaeltarra Eireann Mr. Ray – 1VP – BOB-BIS2

05.08.18 – Jahresausstellung Leverkusen

VV1 JüngstenJahresSieger

Gaeltarra Eireann Mr. Ray E: Marc Vrancken & Chris Roemers

10-6-2018We had a fantastic weekend in Le Touqet and some great results with the puppies! Raven got 1st in his class and right behind him were Sherlock on 2nd place an Voyager (Kayn) on 4th. Havan got 1st in her class and Daisy got to the selection. MacGyver got a very best in a very big and strong class.

2-06-2018   Ierdie Clubmatch where Sherlock got Baby Best in Show, Mayflower Reserve Best Bitch and MacGyver Reserve Best Male!

10-05-2018   We had some great fun at the junior & veteran day in Belgium Thursday. We are very proud of all the Gaeltarra dogs that where entered & off course of their owners .
BOS was Gaeltarra Eireann Voyager

GE Voyager
GE Havana
GE Mayflower
GE Raven
GE Ray
GE Sherlock


Some fun with the dogs


Great day at the show in Koln. Gaelrtarra Eireann Raff got CAC, Gaeltarra Eireann Havana got baby BOB and Gaelrtarra Eireann Raven baby BOS! Thanks to judge Jürgen Rösner-Papenfuss and Marc Belis for the picture.

Raven ,Havana

30-03-2018 Gaeltarra Eireann Channing, heart test zero points.


 10-03-2018  CAC Show Issum Judge: Marion Marpe (DE)

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine VDH CAC BOB Landessieger NRW 2018 

Gaeltarra Eireann Raff Res VDH Res CAC

Seven  of Nine                                                                                                                                                                                        Raff

24-2-2018 Pups Seven & Raff 13 weeks old Mayflower 11 weeks old

7-1-2018 Puppies four to five weeks old

Gaeltarra Eireann Mayflower X Xalibur’s Oran Jones

Gaeltarra Eireann Raff x Gaeltarra Eireann Ziggy Stardust

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine x Labyrinth Du Grand Chien De Culann

14-12-2017 on 9-12-2017 two males are born.

Gaeltarra Eireann Mayflower X Xalibur’s Oran Jones

Whe call them: Sherlock and Watson


10-12-2017 just a moment away from the puppies
nice to run in the snow.

27-11-2017 3 beautiful babies were born 1 male and 2 bitches.

Gaeltarra Eireann Raff x Gaeltarra Eireann Ziggy Stardust


We call them: WHOOPS-A-DAISY, Female, BLACK PEARL, Female, MR.RAY, Male

24-11-2017 9 beautiful babies were born 7 males and 2 bitches

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine x Labyrinth Du Grand Chien De Culann


we call them: DAUNTLESS, Female, HAVANA, Female, DANUBE, Male, GALEN, Male, NASH, Male, RAVEN, Male, RENEGADE, Male, SEQUOIA, Male, VOYAGER, Male

And she needs two more weeks to go. Seven of Nine

Early December we expect puppies from

Gaeltarra Eireann Mayflower X Xalibur’s Oran Jones

At the end of November 2017 we expect puppies

7-10-2017 Dogshow Zwolle

Gaeltarra Eireann Raff CAC, BOB

Gaeltarra Eireann Channing 1U res. CAC

Judge Dhr M. Wibier (D)

Fleur, Corrie ,Suzanne,Marloes en Marileen.

30-9-2017 DogshowMaastricht.

Gaeltarra Eireann Raff 1 exc BOB. Judge Dhr Wim Wellens.

© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

26-8-2017 Judge speciality show Sifferbo Sweden BOB

CAC show Windhonden Heteren 16 juli 2017 Judge Per Lundstrom ( SE )

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine CAC & BOB

Ierse wolfshond

26-5-2017 Dogshow Oss Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine (Ierse wolfshond)

1U CAC,CACIB,& BOB judge Mevroyuw Janelle W Robbins (UK)

Ierse wolfshond
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

15-4-2017 Dogshow Goes Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine BOB

Mevrouw Anita Al-Bachy (FI)

9-4-2017 CAC ausstellung in Munster.
Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine VDH CAC BH BOB.
Gaeltarra Eireann Raff V1 Judges Hr P.Mazura (AT)

1-4-2017 Ostercappeln Gaeltarra Eireann Channing 1U VDH CAC Judges: Marco Sisterman


Dogshow Rijnland Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine BOB and she finished fourth in the group. Judges Dhr Dupas (Fr)


Best Veteran Bitch Crufts 2017 Gaeltarra Eireann Dark Rosaleen (Ierse Wolfshond)

Line up Best Bitches Crufts 2017 Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine and Gaeltarra Eireann Dark Rosaleen

Ierse Wolfshond


Groningen Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine got BOB and she finished third in the group.

Gaeltarra Eireann Channing got BOS. Thanks to Des Manton

3-2-2017 Eindhoven, Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine (ierse Wolfshond) was BOB Keurmeester: Mevr. C.Y.van Zanten-Boomgaard.

Ierse wolfshond
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven


Our Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine at the dog of the year show today. Runner up in the hound group. Extremly proud. (Gaeltarra Eireann Shannon x Ian van de Tortelduif)hvhjs


At the Kerstshow 2016 te Gorichem

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine was BOB. She is now also Dutch Champion1883_kerstshow_2016_ernst-von-scheven_20161218_14_48_53

6-11-2016 Mol Belgie

Today we had a fantastic day at the CAC show of the

Irish Wolfhound Club Belgium. (Ierse Wolfshond club België)

Our girl Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine was BIS!!



25-9-2016 Maastricht

Today we had a fantastic day at the Benelux Winner in Maastricht. Our girl Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine was BOB, BIG and BIS!!
We are extremely proud of her! We like to thank the judges for making this day so special for us. Mr. Sigurd Wilberg, Mr. Rony Doedijns and Ms. Loch-Romans.



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Marileen met Gaeltarra Eireann Nikita Junior handling KCM Ierdie (Ierse wolfshond)

marileen nik mooi

Gaeltarra Eireann Seven of Nine KCM Ierdie 2015 Jeugd klasse teven.

Ierse wolfshond

EIWC 2012 Italia

Ierse wolfshond