Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs
The Federation of European Irish Wolfhound clubs was founded in 1994 with the intention of fostering cooperation between those clubs that utilised the common Irish Wolfhound standard of the FCI. Some twenty years later we anticipate that Irish Wolfhound clubs outside of Europe will join with us; no longer will we be exclusively European so our logo and name must change to reflect our wider world.

Dutch Irish Wolfhound Federation founded in 1934.
Dutch site with information about all sighthounds. Shows, show results, champions, breed standards etcetera.

The Irish Wolfhound Database is a private initiative among Irish Wolfhound breed enthusiasts around the world. Our aim is to collect pedigree information on every Irish Wolfhound that ever lived.

Doo-Dah! trimsalon
A grooming salon where you can go with all breeds. The groomer has an Irish Wolfhound herself, so she also has a lot of experience with this.

Graham to the rescue
A website about Captain Graham and the resuscitation of the breed.

Irish Wolfhound Archives
Irish Wolfhound pedigrees and other information compiled from the working stud book of Capt. Graham.

IW World
The official publication of the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs (EIWC).
Breed Association for Irish Wolfhounds in Germany.

The Eaglescrag Kennels of Leslie and Ruth Jenkins since 1952.

The Sulhamstead Kennels of James and Florence Nagle since 1917.

The Boroughbury
The Boroughbury Kennels of Elsie James since 1942.

The Raikeshill
The Raikeshill Kennel of William Knox since 1926.

The Ouborough
The Ouborough Kennels of James Voase Rank since the early 1920s.

The Grevel
The Grevel Kennels of Mrs. I.H. Barr since 1921.

The Ifold
The Ifold Kennel of Ralph Montagu Scott since 1918.

The Felixtowe
The Felixstowe Kennels of Isaac W. Everett since 1892.

The Cotswold
The Cotswold Kennels of Major and Mrs. Percy Shewell since 1902.

The Bournstream
The Bournstream Kennels of Mrs. Beynon since 1915.

Raad van Beheer
The Raad van Beheer is the Dutch organizatio that stands for the relationship between humans and dogs. This is not only about all kinds of activities that you can do with your dog, but also about breeding healthy dogs.